Social media has become one of the most explosive trends in today’s digital society. It has practically changed everything from day to day lifestyle, the way people hang out and even nightlife. For the young and outgoing generation, nightlife is no longer about calling a group of friends and hitting the local entertainment spot. They have become pickier and more organized when it comes to socializing, drinking, hanging out, picking where to go, deciding what to share and organizing parties.

At any given time, thousands of party goers, club kids and concert lovers are using their smartphones to share their whereabouts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. One night without social networking is unimaginable for most nightlife lovers. New social media trends are changing everything about nightlife. Here are some of the most significant.

Live social broadcasts

Live social broadcasts are one of the new trends that have become increasingly popular when it comes to broadcasting live events and shows. This new trend is a game changer. Imagine anticipating a concert event with a group of buddies only to be disappointed when you find yourself alone with just a few of them. What can change that? A live broadcast will do. Show your friends exactly what’s happening when it’s happening. It’s not just people who broadcast but events planners are also doing the same to get people attending events using programs like Periscope and Facebook Live broadcasts.

Video sharing

Video has become the can’t-miss social media trend today. Hop into a club and you will most likely see someone taking a video. With videos having a higher engagement rate than photos and increasingly getting a larger slice of the cake in the sharing game, you can be sure that people are sharing a lot about their nightlife. Nightlife spots and joints are also taking advantage of video sharing to get more revelers.

Digital meet-ups

Digital meet-ups have today become a regular trend on new social media sites like and Reddit. People get to meet up at a designated bar or restaurant, take some time to know each other and then hit up their favorite club or night joint together. Some social sites like even go all the way to match partners with similar music preferences. It’s no secret that music taste has today become one of the main reasons to party throughout the night. What better way to find the best spots to enjoy good music with people just like you music wise than through social meet-ups.

Party planning

Party planning has quickly become a rising new trend in social media. That alone has changed the entire nightlife experience. You no longer have to walk into an entertainment joint randomly. Social media has made it easier to plan parties and night outs with friends. Add the people you want, discuss where you want to go, plan what to do and have fun. Planning a night out is as simple as that.

With these new trends, people are constantly sharing photos and videos, showing off where they are and navigating their way to the best joints in town. You may call it over-sharing, but there is no doubt that social media trends are changing nightlife.