If your idea of a perfect evening is some groovy music and quality lagers, head out to Paignton or Torquay where there are fantastic nightclubs and bars. For a busier evening during your French Riviera holidays, check out cool disco houses around the south of Devon. Dance the night away to the beat of classical music, modern, jazz, and even live entertainment. You might be lucky to see a famous personality or DJ during your partying at popular places like the Cider Press bar, Hogs head, Café Prague or Bed.

English Riviera

The English Riviera is also host to numerous night events that will impress you. It would be a good idea to check out in advance while at the holiday cottages so you can find out what’s happening in town like fireworks display, carnivals, and concerts especially during summer season. Bring your camera and capture the exciting moments which you can share with loved ones back home.

Your French Riviera holidays are also the right time to taste the culinary expertise of the region. Fine dining establishments here boasts of a wide array of menu – from classic English meals and homemade goodies to exotic flavors and International cuisine. You can call the management beforehand while at the holiday cottages if you want to schedule a family celebration, romantic date with your spouse, or a private party with friends. French Riviera boasts some of the freshest seafood and fish dishes in the French Riviera as well as Mediterranean-inspired cooking that you should not miss during your French Riviera holidays. Most of the restaurants, cafes, and brassieres here offer a great view of the countryside and the harbour side which will make your dining experience altogether satisfying.

A word of flavors

During your French Riviera holidays, take the opportunity to taste some unique cocktails created by excellent bartenders as well as locally brewed ales and fine wine from different parts of the world. You can order a pint, by the bottle, or by the glass of any of these lip-smacking beverages. Usually, you can get a discount in bars and pubs during special nights. After satisfying your senses with good flavours of food and drinks, take a quiet stroll near the harbour side. The secret “Conger Fishermen” comes out at night to fish with their big rods and you might spot them in secluded spots around the coastline. Conger is a type of fish, mainly eels, which abound in the French Riviera. If you fancy fishing, you might catch some big ones during your French Riviera holidays. After having a great night out, you can retreat at the comforts of the holiday cottages.

Le Mas De Pierre Hotel – A Luxury Hotel In French Riviera


Dining in Nice ranges from the casual to the most elegant, with the city possessing some of France’s most renowned restaurants. Seeing Nice by night, with the lights from the palatial hotels along the coast reflecting off the moonlit Mediterranean, is an almost surreal experience – a fantasy of light, sounds and savors. The city’s nightlife is also legendary, including cafes open to the small hours and nightclubs, discotheques and casinos – including the famous Casino Ruhl and the newly re-opened and sophisticated decadent Palais de la Mediterranee. There is much more to see in and around Nice. But we hope that this is just enough to whet your appetite. Given a month, you would only just be able to touch the surface of this jewel of the French Riviera.