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#LastNightsDJ specializes in the most exclusive luxurious nightclubs, resorts, casinos, concerts, and cruises from all around the world.

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Argo's training course will take you through 3 major stages of the online selling process and will help you design your own strategy. Find below this section the details for each day


Going Bad … is Trending

After a highly publicized feud, no one expected these two to collaborate ever, but as we often watch the ongoing...
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Going Bad … is Trending

French Riviera Nightlife

The French Riviera ... numerous night events
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French Riviera Nightlife

Social Media Trends that are Changing Nightlife

Social media has become one of the most explosive trends in today’s
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Social Media Trends that are Changing Nightlife

Why You Should Bring In International DJs For Your Events

Bring In International DJs For Your Events
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Why You Should Bring In International DJs For Your Events

Floss In The Bank – Tyga

Tyga drops his latest single a couple days ago "Floss In The Bank" for 2019. Includes a nice mixture of...
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Floss In The Bank – Tyga

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In order to design a successful marketing strategy you need to understand your business environment very well. In this starting chapter, we'll give you the right tools and methods to analyze the market and gather data.

With all that market data it's very easy to feel overwhelmed so we've prepared a few techniques to help you draw the right conclusions from the market reports. Then you will feel confident enough to plan your sales strategy.

Especially in crowded marketplaces, it can be difficult to differentiate your course or service from the competition. Argo's course will give you the right skills to help you identify hidden value and present it to your customers.

Sales Planning And Marketing Strategies

Argo’s training course enables you to create the best sales plan using Kotler’s methodology and sets up your course or service for success.

  • Proven strategies which work in real life scenarios
  • Effortles planning for time constrained people
  • High success ratios for those who are commited

Campaign Evaluation

In day 3 of Argo training course we're going to take a look at campaign evaluation methods.

Performance Reports

Everyone's scared about generating reports so we've prepared a few great tips & tricks.

What To Do Next

Clearly you can't stop learning about your business after 3 days so we'll point you in the right direction.

Press Kit

When you register you get access to the entire 3 days course which will enable you to understand your business environment, devise a realistic development strategy and how to effectively act on it. Of course we'll also teach you how to evaluate your actions and take the right decisions.








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